The future of urban transportation.

LA CoMotion is an event that showcases the greatest innovations in urban transportation. We worked with their team to build a brand that depicts sustainability, friendliness and technological innovation.


Our challenge was to create a brand that appeared both tech-oriented and friendly. It needed to promote professionalism in order to attract large companies as event partners, and it needed to appear fun and approachable in order to attract a broad audience, with a focus on millennials. To start, we chose a font with a tech aesthetic, combined with an energetic color palette. The bright blue and green also imply the event’s focus on sustainability.

branding lacomotion logo
branding lacomotion posters
branding lacomotion website

“We want this event to become the SXSW of urban transportation.”
– John Rossant, New Cities Foundation

As we built this brand, we paid close attention to how we will continue to evolve it as the event in Los Angeles draws nearer. We created a system that will ultimately transform an event space and a city.

branding lacomotion poster
branding lacomotion street signage