Addressing division in America


Wedge issues are used by politicians and the media to widen gaps between us and rile up their fan bases. That only works when we’re uninformed. Our goal with The Wedge is to approach the most divisive political issues of our time by considering each others’ points of view and experiences. We created a quiz to help users learn about the issues & explore their own politics.

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The Wedge Web Design
The Wedge Web Design

The Wedge is a project that we made internally, which freed us up to make decisions autonomously. That meant that we needed to be hyper-critical of ourselves at every turn. When we began this project, all we knew was that we wanted to make something that addressed the growing partisan divide in our country. We aimed at making something that was accessible, non-polarizing, and engaging. We ultimately landed on a quiz that roped in users curious about what their quantified politics looked like and which candidates aligned with their views. With the user engaged, we integrated a lot of educational elements they could interact with.

We built a brand identity to accompany our tool that's bright and attention grabbing, but also sleek and tailored for a good user experience. What we ended up with is meant to convey a sense of data and education, as well as American-ness in order to capture our target audience.

With our brand identity and wireframes built out, we began the process of building the website on Webflow to handle the HTML, CSS, and CMS, combined with custom scripting to handle the quiz logic and dynamic front-end elements. We then put in a lot of time and research to create all of our own content.

The Wedge Web Design
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