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To bring the power of human understanding to the e-commerce search experience. That's how we summed up Twiggle's mission after working with them in a two-day intensive workshop. We spent two days with the Twiggle team to understand their values, customers, and goals. With a technology as complicated as Twiggle's, our job was to bring the human element forward. Our mission with the branding was to convey a harmonious balance between intelligently complex tech and the people that use it. The solution came in a visual language based on controlled chaos.

branding twiggle logo
branding twiggle posters
branding twiggle logo mechanics

The logo and key visual element may appear to just be a scribble—a simple human expression with no particular direction or order. At first glance, that may be what some people see in Twiggle's technology. However, this mark is based on a mathematical system known as an attractor: a point or behavior toward with systems tend to evolve. Our point being, that behind the chaotic appearance of e-commerce search technology, there is Twiggle, bringing order with their systematic technology.

Once we established the basic visual elements for Twiggle's brand, we expanded on it by applying the language to all of the real-world pieces their business needed. We knew what these pieces were based on our workshop at the beginning of the process. A few of these elements can be seen below.

branding twiggle stationery
branding twiggle hoodie