Building your image is an adventure—the perfect storm of scary and exciting. Let’s kick it off right.


We begin by helping you articulate the soul & values of your company through an in-person workshop.


The key decision makers of your business + our small team of branding & marketing experts.


We're ready when you are. The kickoff workshop is a 1–2 day process. The length of this process fluctuates based on the type and scope of the project.


Wherever you are, we'll come to you. For a portion of the workshop, we want to get out of the office and get to know you. This can be a hike, an overnight camping trip, or anything in between.


We believe that working together in-person and in an informal setting will help us understand you and your business better, making our work stronger and more clear.


Rather than working for you, we believe the best results come from working with you.

The discovery phase gives us the strategic direction that informs the work once we start putting pen to paper. In order to build on our partnership after the initial workshop, we will schedule work-in-progress meetings and even working sessions if necessary as the project progresses.

We will never leave you in the dark about the work we're doing. We're experts at what we do, but we understand that you know your business better than us. Our goal is to teach you as we work, while also learning from you throughout the process. That collaboration is how great work is made.